15th anniversay of the World Heritage
" Contest to discover Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park World Natural Heritage"

contest rules

1. Participants:

All Vietnamese citizens and foreigners between the ages of 14 and 70, except the members of Organization Committee and related persons were appointed by the Organization Committee.

2. Time of the contest: From 00:00 am on July 1st , 2018 to 00:00pm on December 31st, 2018

3. Winners: Announced on January 1st , 2019.

4. How to take the contest:

-  Access to the link the address: http://cuocthi.phongnhakebang.vn/home;

-  Fill out  the forms as request on the webpape;

- 4 main questions, answering each question by marking on one of 3  answers below;

- Answering sub-question by entering the appropriate number in the box;

- Enter the security code and click "Submit test".

5. How to determine the winners

a) Correctly answer all the main questions in the questionnaire;

b) Depending on the accuracy answer of sub-question, those contestants who correctly answer all the main questions will be sorted in order from high to low:

- Contestants with more accurate answers are ranked higher. In case many contestants have the same answer, who send the sooner answer to be ranked higher.

- Special prizes will be given to the person who have the most accurate answer for sub-question and sent to the Organization Committee at the sonest. The first, second, third and consolation prizes will be taken in turn from high to low under the prize structure.

c) Winners will be announced on the website of the Organization Committee and notified via registered mail after the contest finishes .